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New Susan Aquila interview with Skope Magazine!!

Check out the great new interview Skope Magazine did with Susan Aquila!!

Click here!!

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Susan Aquila interview with Rock Hard Radio with Jay Conroy!!


Susan just got out of the studio with her 2 part radio interview with Rock Hard Radio’s Jay Conroy!!  Susan had a blast talking about her current and future releases, her past and future tours and festivals throughout the U.S., and tons of other subjects! Visit for her 2 part interview.

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Susan Aquila and Rob Tomaro interview on 1230 WCLO!!


Recently Susan Aquila and guitarist/composer Rob Tomaro were featured guests in the studio for an interview on 1230 WCLO!!  They discussed the release of the new single “Sooper Gurl” and the the new “Broken Angel” album as well as current and future plans with the band!!!  Check out the podcast at

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